The Culture Intuitive Tool Kit for Workplaces


Our Approach

This program is not just another Aboriginal only Cultural Awareness program.  It is for all cultures to come together in partnership.  The CultuRecode Project would not exist without the generous and critical input from both Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous team members.  The Culture Intuitive WANTS kit is for everyone to feel valued and respected and share in each other’s Instinctive Belief System.

The Culture Intuitive Tool-Kit’s implementation is designed to support the current and future work of any organisation. It will enable the creation of collaborative relationships and partnerships between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal peoples, communities and organisations.  This will enable a much more sustainable and collaborative Indigenous workforce.

The CultuRecode Team is committed to working closely with organisations on the implementation and presentation of the Tool Kit.  The Culture Intuitive WANTS Tool Kit ensures a culture of respectful relationships can be sustained in any workplace or collective group

Rational and objectives


Research shows there are persistent and longstanding issues in respect to the Australian corporate and business sectors capacity to support and maintain Aboriginal employment and establish trusting economic relationships

We believe that our Cultural Intuitive toolkit (CIT) can support business to address these systemic challenges, by strategically investing in our unique collaborative and sustainable programs.  Our mutualistic training tools will support organisations to overcome the communication discourse that occurs in workplaces, leaving both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people feeling like they cannot get it right on a daily basis. Learning to be Culturally Intuitive will lead to the creation of a workplace where all cultures and their ways of working can shine.


To address longstanding issues with respect to Aboriginal workplace experiences, relationship building, and communication needs based on the model of the Ancient Collaborative Mutualism.

To achieve sustainable improvement in Aboriginal employment and engagement outcomes of any organisation the CultuRecode Team support

 The CultuRecode case for change

Essential Workforce training stemming from challenges identified in our CultuRecode research

 We recommend to organisations that all staff first complete the Pre-Requisite workshop and then choose as an add on one of the Tool kit training sessions to support their specialised needs – Total for Pre-Req and Tool Kit equals 5 hours

 1.Culture Intuitive Prerequisite for all staff (3 hours)

 The CultuRecode Project found systemically there is a lack of awareness across most Australian workplaces, regarding another important and relevant way of doing business.  A tried and tested collaborative approach thousands of years old, that stems from the Indigenous Model of Group Survival.

The Indigenous Model of Group Survival (IMGS) provides the guidance for staff to identify why people of another culture (Instinctive Belief System) do the same thing differently. It confirms the importance of this information, by showing how IBS difference affects the daily collaborations occurring in diverse workplaces today and where this difference comes from.

At present, there are no definitive assessment tools for Managers to base their well-being strategies upon in the area of IBS differences of people, relating to communication, process and presentation of information. The CultuRecode’s CIT provides these monitoring systems by comparing common workplace experiences which highlight the instinctive differences between Indigenous Australians and Anglo Saxon Australians. For meaningful change to be sustained, we equip your staff with practical tools and solutions that can be utilised at all levels of collaboration.

Why this is important to us    

Our Culture Intuitive Toolkit will create a positive change by improving trust and respect when staff from all cultural groups work collaboratively. These tools will support organisations to overcome the invisible differences that causes negative behaviours, perspectives and judgments at work.  The CultuRecode team have consistently witnessed situations where Instinctive miscommunication has led to frustration and angst and often staff turnover and job losses. We have also seen much evidence where our training and teachings is empowering Indigenous Australians to feel more respected in workplaces throughout Australia.

We have found it is critical when creating genuine partnerships, that people representing both Belief Systems learn, understand and accept the following;

Where these differences occur

Where they stem from (Ancient Survival Model) and

What they look like today (so we can find ways to work respectfully with IBS’s that are not our own.)

Our solutions/tools

The Culture Intuitive Toolkit (CIT) gives companies the means, insight and knowledge to overcome collaborative differences at all levels. We have developed a Belief System Barometer (BSB) that profiles all staff to look at the IBS ratio of your organisation/team.  CIT allows people to communicate using critical key words, Instinctive cues, and respectful strategies that are necessary to engage and work together effectively with cultural groups outside of your own.  At all times we engage in a way that allows for all Instinctive Belief Systems to feel respected and acknowledged.

Our training and learning is delivered through inspiring stories using multi mediums, with an opportunity for team members to contribute to how the evidence and ideas presented might shape or re-shape their practices.

2. Culture Intuitive Customer Service Toolkit (2 hours)

 Reception areas – Lack of understanding of communication needs across Instinctive Belief Systems cause distrust and frustrations at the very place people come to seek help.

Process needs – Misunderstandings of how people from another culture need to receive information to understand it, is inconsistent and often comes across as condescending.

Presentation needs – The need to establish some form of trust is paramount to Group based societies forming sustainable relationships. How communication processes are presented is the catalyst to how information is interpreted.

 Why this is important to us    

First impressions count, and it is key to sustainable relationships that all members from local communities feel welcome and heard.

When you receive information as you need it, the message is clear, and frustrations are reduced

Our solutions/tools

Culture Intuitive training’s communication strategies and tools will inform and support Customer service staff to communicate effectively across cultural Belief System difference.  Our innovative tools will enable staff to identify tangible cues that enable flexibility when dealing with customers. Knowing when a person is using Indirect or descriptive strategies is tools we share with your staff to enable your customers feeling respected.


3.Culture Intuitive Toolkit for Indigenous workers (2 hours)

 The majority of workplaces in Australia are dominated by Anglo Saxon Australian ways of working. Many have not yet included or even know about Aboriginal ways of working. We give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants the collaborative tools to work effectively across Belief Systems, without diminishing their Cultural integrity.

There needs to be a greater understanding of what drives people’s decision-making, and how to consider and recognise the different perspectives and processes of people outside of a person’s Belief System group

Due to colonisation many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people are not aware of their own instinctive Belief Systems and the effect it has on their daily interactions in an Anglo Saxon dominated world. Our program “Why I am me?’ is an innovative course that strengthens Indigenous identity through knowledge and pride in their inherited Instinctive Belief System handed down & gifted by their Ancestors over thousands of years.  We also believe it is critical to create awareness of how to respect and work within Non-Indigenous Belief Systems when collaborating.

Why this is important to us

The CultuRecode Research has found to improve wellbeing, it is critical that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people understand not only their own inherited Instinctive Belief System, but also the Belief System of Anglo Saxon Australians as well.

To know how to be successful in anything whether it is on the sporting field or in the workplace, it is critical that each side knows the rules and ways of the other team to create strategies to adjust to their different talents and moves.

We found that knowing your own Instinctive Belief System increases considerably an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person’s understanding of their own behaviour, beliefs and identity that is central to who they are today.  Our research also revealed how Ancient Indigenous history affects the present and impacts on the future

Our solutions/tools

Culture Intuitive training can identify and build upon Indigenous Peoples’ strengths both individually and collectively.  This learning will promote sharing of knowledge, and practice wisdom as essential to how Indigenous peoples develop and maintain mutually positive and respectful relationships with themselves and those outside of their Instinctive Belief System.


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