Pre-Employment Readiness Training for Aboriginal Employees

A respectful program that guarantees a higher success rate of sustaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (All collective cultures) staff in your workplace

Culture Intuitive Pre-Employment Readiness Toolkit (5 hours)

groupphotoshootsmllDue to colonisation many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people are not aware of their own instinctive Belief Systems and the effect it has on their daily interactions in an Anglo Saxon dominated world. Our program “Why I am my Ancestors?’ is an innovative course that strengthens Indigenous identity through knowledge and pride in their inherited Instinctive Belief System handed down & gifted by their Ancestors over thousands of years. We also believe it is critical to create awareness of how to respect and work within Non-Indigenous Belief Systems when collaborating.

The Indigenous Model of Group Survival (IMGS) provides the guidance for staff to identify why people of another culture (Instinctive Belief System) do the same thing differently. It confirms the importance of this information, by showing how IBS difference affects the daily collaborations occurring in diverse workplaces today and where this difference comes from.indivandgroupmindsetscircle

At present, there are no definitive assessment tools for Managers to base their well-being strategies upon in the area of IBS differences of people, relating to communication, process and presentation of information. The CultuRecode’s CIT provides these monitoring systems by comparing common workplace experiences which highlight the instinctive differences between Indigenous Australians and Anglo Saxon Australians. For meaningful change to be sustained, we equip your staff with practical tools and solutions that can be utilised at all levels of collaboration.

Why this is important to us

Our Culture Intuitive Toolkit will create a positive change by improving trust and respect when staff from all cultural groups work collaboratively. These tools will support organisations to overcome the invisible differences that causes negative behaviours, perspectives and judgments at work. The CultuRecode team have consistently witnessed situations where Instinctive miscommunication has led to frustration and angst and often staff turnover and job losses. We have also seen much evidence where our training and teachings is empowering Indigenous Australians to feel more respected in workplaces throughout Australia.

To ensure all workers have the opportunity to be employed by great people such as you
To ensure all people applying for your vacancies have the equal opportunity you are trying to achieve
We know that the induction is very important as it is the first step to feeling respected and valued

Our solutions/tools
Culture Intuitive training that can support HR sectors within organisations design and market their vacancies, run interviews and deliver inductions in the right way so that all attendees feel valued and heard. Our training will ensure that your employees commence their relationship with you in a respectful and positive manner.

We have found it is critical when creating genuine partnerships, that people representing both Belief Systems learn, understand and accept the following;

Where these differences occur

Where they stem from (Ancient Survival Model) and

What they look like today (so we can find ways to work respectfully with IBS’s that are not our own.)

The Culture Intuitive Toolkit (CIT) gives companies the means, insight and knowledge to overcome collaborative differences at all levels. CIT allows people to communicate using critical key words, Instinctive cues, and respectful strategies that are necessary to engage and work together effectively with cultural groups outside of your own. At all times we engage in a way that allows for all Instinctive Belief Systems to feel respected and acknowledged.

Our training and learning is delivered through inspiring stories using multi mediums, with an opportunity for team members to contribute to how the evidence and ideas presented might shape or re-shape their practices.

Recruitment and representation – Most campaigns run by businesses in Australia do not market or brand themselves to include or attract the Instinctive Belief System of people who are group motivated
Interview processes – There is a severe lack of Culturally Intuitive Interview processes that are inclusive of all communication styles
Workplace Inductions – There is a lack of Culturally Intuitive Induction programs where all Cultural groups receive the sustainable tools necessary to work collaboratively for your organisation

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