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Purpose Alignment Measurement and Training

Programs for workplaces, Aboriginal youth and Aboriginal parents

A workspace that is strong, empowered and safe for all cultures to thrive, uses innovative thinking and vision. Fundamental to work undertaken by any Culturally Intuitive organisation is the commitment to provide programs and deliver services in a way, reflecting the priorities and needs of the community they work within.  The CultuRecode team strive to achieve this vision by providing your staff with engaging scenario-based training, guidance and mentoring to support their well-being and enhance their cultural intuitiveness.

Purpose Alignment

When a company’s purpose is aligned with their employees and community – great things happen

Many companies organisations as part of their social responsibility promote that they would like to help improve the lives of Aboriginal or diverse people and communities.  These businesses recognise it is important to include a more diverse workforce.  Many express the desire to create a culturally safe place for Culturally and/or diverse groups.

I would like to congratulate all those with such a great purpose. I have witnessed many try very, very hard to meet these noble goals.

So what did we find normally happens to achieve these goals in Australia – they might hire an amazing person from a diverse group to manage such a change, undertake a Cultural Inclusion Framework (CIF) or strategy within their organisation?  Often they will develop some art work that represents their journey and start advertising jobs in diverse media outlets.  They might also start attending or sponsoring diverse groups specific events in their sector and perhaps have their staff undertake cultural awareness training with a diversity training agency or individual.  These are pretty standard strategies I have seen many times and have become the norm mainly due to how CIF’s need to be implemented.

Again impressive and awesome but we found in our study that this is mostly about external change and still has very little impact on the systemic internal workings of an organisation.  In areas like policy alignment or HR.

The statistics say it is not really working.  We wanted to know why?

Why do these repeated strategies in reality stand little chance of ever meeting an agencies outcome hopes and goals?

In our study we found that without systemic or internal change, your purpose is not actually aligned with your inclusive goals.  It is floating on the top without an anchor to connect it with or meet that purpose.  This was also revealed in how employees see how you as their workplace meet your idealistic purpose.  The reality is if you don’t, good people leave, and other staff become less likely to believe in all your goals.  Or disturbingly some found they were inadvertently contributing to worsening the perception of diverse people within their organisation.

As an example say your organisation states they are going to increase the amount of Aboriginal employees.  They do the usual (see above) and will probably increase employees in mainly front line positions.  However, most will either not be able to keep those staff or sadly, find they do not rise up through the company to higher people manager positions.

Who is to blame for this situation?  Is it the Aboriginal people who just aren’t trying?  Is it the Individual run organisation who don’t really want Aboriginal people to work for them?

Thankfully, at the CultuRecode Project we found it is not usually either of the above reasons.  People want to do the right thing most of the time.

We found behaviour difference (your behaviour looks and feels different to mine) is one of the key causes leading to misjudgment and fear and job dissatisfaction.

What we discovered is it is the lack of inclusion, understanding and engagement of Collective thinking that is the root cause of such a lack of positive success.

Imagine an Aboriginal employees everyday experience working in your company.  Firstly your job advertising is usually written in language that is Individual designed and focused.  The interview is the same as for everyone else, designed to fit the needs of Individual applicants.  If they get through all that, they are required to learn, trust, communicate and present information the same way as every staff member does – (designed by and for Individual people).

Aboriginal peoples’ (all collective people’s)  purpose in life is to meet the responsibility for the health, wealth, and happiness of their kinship group.  Does your organisation support them to meet that goal?

If they believe their purpose in life is not aligned to your organisation, then how on earth do you expect they will want to stay?

Understanding how your Aboriginal (collective) staff member thinks and behaves is critical to aligning any purpose.

Without this alignment you will continue to have a revolving door of diverse employees or as a minimum a group of people who only come to collect a paycheck.

The benefits of a Purpose Alignment is employees who are more loyal, engaged, and willing to advocate for your company and you.

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