Reviving Ancient Indigenous self-Reliance

Nola Turner-Jensen

Cultural resilience researcher at CultuRecode Model

I travelled out to Emerald last week and I always look forward to experiencing and watching the landscapes we drive through and trying to see any evidence of Ancient Australian culture.

This time however, the trip has left me disturbed. Disturbed because what I was seeing much of the time was mono crops covering thousands of acres with nary a tree to be seen in a lots of these huge paddocks.

I inquired with an old farmer why they did not leave any trees in paddocks anymore, and he shook his head and said it is because many of the farms are owned by big business who want every inch of a paddock producing or it is usually because the machines are so big now they need to be able to turn and harvest the rows needing much more room. He was wise enough to know that no native trees mean no bees, an end to native animals in the area and land degradation.


Occasionally, I would see a scar tree where an ancient Australian had skillfully cut out a shield or coolamon or even a canoe. I stared in wonder at how amongst all this productive mono crop farming that this historic evidence managed to stay standing. I made me see it as a representative of Aboriginal people, my ancestors and how we are still standing amongst a sea of change and other cultures. How we even though our sacred lands have been cleared for the most part of all evidence of our belief systems, we have inherited the core values and behaviours of thousands of years of ancestors still whispering in our ears every day.

This revival of Ancient Indigenous Self-Reliance has driven my individual, voluntary research for the past five years. I focused on trying to find the blueprints of when our culture was at its peak and take those blueprints to modify and utilise for to restore the generational handing down of culture today. The is where CultuRecodeShared Value Ecological Theory has emerged from and my trip to Emerald last week and attending the SDN in Sydney a fortnight ago has confirmed my journey.


Reviving Ancient Indigenous Self-Reliance”

  • The Needs: To promote and campaign for the inclusion of Ancient Indigenous knowledge and skills to underpin many of the frameworks that Australia has built or is currently building. Create self-reliance and effective leadership to help strengthen and fortify Ancient Indigenous communities through Education, business and CultuRegeneration programs and frameworks.
  • Keys to Success: The CultuRecodeShared Value Ecological Model is to be owned by all peoples and no one organisation or institution will come before its goals and aspirations. Everyone involved is required to leave their spears and shields outside (the spear representing combativeness or anger and the shield representing hidden agendas, defensiveness or in-group loyalty). The CultuRecode Model stems from each of the knowledge areas contained in the Ancient Indigenous Circle of life. At all times we will advocate and campaign for Ancient Indigenous knowledge to be the foundation or an important component of Australian and International goals/programs or sustainable development opportunities.
  • Results: Empowered Ancient Indigenous people with a strengthened culture, a new era of Australian leaders and companies working within an outcomes based framework of intercultural communication and sustainable goal setting. The development of a critical set of overarching, aspirational Australian Shared Values.