The Expert Team

Nola Turner-Jensen

Ms Nola Turner-Jensen is an Aboriginal woman from the Wiradjuri language group on her Mother’s side and Irish/ English on her Dad’s side.  A former Social Worker Nola has worked voluntarily for the last five years as the lead researcher in the writing and development of the ground breaking CultuRecode™ Instinctive Belief System Ecological Model.

In 2013 Nola was chosen by Oxfam as 1 of 60 Indigenous women leaders across Australia to attend the Straight Talk convention in Canberra.

Nola has four published children’s books and is the author for the Deadly Reads series an early literacy project with Magabala Books.

As Principal Director and founder, Nola is currently lead content writer and digital designer for Crackerjack Education the only Australian Indigenous owned online education company of its type in the world.

Jayne Meyer Tucker

Jayne Meyer Tucker is the Founder of JMTinc a cause related business advocating for purposeful prevention. With particular expertise across the social sector Jayne is described as a futurist and a champion for an Australian Blueprint and overarching outcomes framework.

Jayne has created a case study #GoodSave that provides a learning base for understanding how to be collaboration ready with a particular focus on the role purpose plays within mergers and acquisitions.  This is supported through her PhD studies and exploration of connecting policy and decision-making at the local level. In addition, Jayne is most proud to be a part of the CultuRecode™ research team and its work of collaborating with the world, based upon ancient Indigenous knowledge and skills.

Jayne is a Non-Executive Board member of The Growth Project, Project Champion for Volunteer Family Connect and fellow of Royal Society of Arts.