About CultuRecode

What is it?


Share in our team’s journey of the last 5 years. We do not speak on behalf or for all Aboriginal people, As the lead researcher of this project I am here solely to try and help improve the lives of Indigenous Australians who also happen to be my family.  I realised one day that even though I was working incredibly closely and openly with a group of wonderful Anglo-Saxon Australian people, we constantly misunderstood one another.  I realised I was continuously feeling frustrated and not misunderstood.  After quite a bit of digging I now know they were left feeling the same way. So, I started looking at why, these are great people trying their guts out to make a difference, just like me.  I decided I had to find out why? I have led a 5-year research project focused on understanding a culture’s Instinctive Belief System, and its impact on people’s perspectives and processes, to try to find a way for Indigenous people to succeed as a minority society.  I hoped also to help my Anglo-Saxon Australian workmates discover how to collaborate successfully with Aboriginal people and break down this discourse that happens across meeting tables every day in this country.  I have been supported, critiqued and helped by many Australian people, communities and groups, to whom I am very grateful.

I will start by saying that by learning and understanding your Inner belief system is one of the most important skills that you will ever acquire. Because by understanding the beliefs that shape your behaviour, you will be able to take back control over your life, and even learn how to create new patterns that lead to lasting fulfillment.   In addition, knowing why people of another culture do the same thing differently, will reduce daily frustrations and create real, lasting empowerment in your life.  I now feel so confident when I walk into a meeting with any culture across the table because of this new knowledge.

How we experience the world

Our Instinctive Belief Systems handed down by our ancient ancestors, shape our identity and how we show up in our personal and professional lives.

How we think

What we value, what we believe, what we think is right and wrong and the decisions we make based on our Inherited Instinctive Thinking, all contribute to our level of connection.

How we act

How we relate to ourselves and others, how we make decisions, how we uphold our values imprint more on the people around us than anything else.

How we experience, think and act all stem from our handed down Instinctive Belief Systems moulded and shaped by thousands of our family’s ancestors.

The CultuReCode™ Instinctive Belief System model is presented as an ecological theory to balance the different Instinctive Belief System tensions that exist within the workplace and personal relationships of Group Mindset and Individual Mindset societies. To achieve this balance, it is necessary to step outside of our cultural norms and acquire the skills to work within a new Collaborative space. In this space everyone involved can establish trust through intercultural empathy.  The CultuReCode™ is at all times underpinned by the astounding Ancient model of Cultural Survival as the foundation to creating unique Cross-Cultural Communication tools, sustainable workplaces, strengthening identity and meeting social enterprise goals.

Contact the following CultuRecode™ team for more information;

Nola Turner-Jensen – (BSW) (Aboriginal Wiradjuri) – nola@culturecodesv.com  – 0413281980

Dr Jayne Meyer-Tucker  (PhD MSc FRSA MAICD) (British/Australian) – jaynemt@me.com