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What is it?


Share in our team’s quest of the last 6 years to discover the reason/s why Aboriginal people have not thrived after several hundred years of Colonisation.

The CultuReCode™ Collective Behaviour model is presented as an ecological theory to balance the different subconscious tensions that exist within the workplace and personal relationships of Collective Mindset and Individual Mindset societies. To achieve this balance, it is necessary to step outside of our cultural norms and acquire the skills to work within a new Collaborative space. In this space everyone involved can establish trust through intercultural empathy.  The CultuReCode™ is at all times underpinned by the astounding Ancient model of Cultural Survival as the foundation to creating unique Cross-Cultural Communication tools, sustainable workplaces, strengthening identity and meeting social enterprise goals.

By running hundreds of scenarios in an Aboriginal led study, we found there are two societies in Australia whose brains have been hot wired differently. Hot wired brains, whose standards and rules for living are completely different to the other. One Collective and one Individual. We identified over 50 key behaviours .that each society (culture) believed was incorrect or inappropriate (how to trust, love, parent, speak, share for example). We identified this as a key reason for constant misjudgement and feelings of racism.

A behaviour is how we think, feel and act.

We also believe that this different wiring is why Aboriginal people (who have been colonised) will never thrive if things continue as they are. Unless a society can live by their own societies standards and rules they will endure massive and painful suffering.

Contact the following CultuRecode™ team for more information;

Nola Turner-Jensen – (BSW) (Aboriginal Wiradjuri) – nola@culturecodesv.com  – 0413281980

Dr Jayne Meyer-Tucker  (PhD MSc FRSA MAICD) (British/Australian) – jaynemt@me.com