• Place your spears and
    shields to the side is an Ancient
    Indigenous saying meaning genuine collaboration

    The spears representing the Anglo Saxon Belief System that dominates Australia, and the shield representing
    the frustration, hurt and dis-empowerment of Aboriginal collective Belief Systems that are hidden away

  • Owned by all people -
    Leaving no one behind

    no one organisation, culture or institution will come before the
    goals and aspirations of the CultuRecode™ Instinctive Belief System
    Ecological Model

  • Led by the extraordinary Instinctive ways inherited from our Ancient Ancestors

    At all times The CultuRecode™ dialogue will be underpinned
    by the timeless Beliefs and knowledge of the Ancient Four Pillars
    of Cultural Survival

  • Inspiring a shift from exclusiveness
    to collaboration

    CultuRecode will lead the conversation away from
    rivalry and silos into one of unity and
    sustainable alliances

  • Leading the Creation of
    Australian Workplaces and societies
    who include Collective Mindset Belief Systems

    Creating a Blueprint of Instinctive
    collaborations and engagement.
    That values and respects all cultures.

The Cultural empires of the past still exist.  They may have modified their instinctive behaviours due to modern environments, but they all still exist inside us. 

What kind of Ancestor will you be?

Learn how people from cultures other than your own do the same things differently

The groundbreaking Culture Intuitive Tool Kit sessions are finally on the ground running. Our training proves how people from a different culture do the same thing differently and how much it affects the daily collaborations occurring in diverse workplaces and homes today. We map where this difference comes from right back to Ancient times. Resulting from over seven years of real life scenario comparative research between Aboriginal people representing the Collective Group Mindset and Anglo Saxon Australians who represented the Individual Mindset. We have filmed, observed and taken part in many interactions between these two groups to identify tangible difference. These include, meetings, project design, social engagement, collaborations, workplace family events etc. What they have revealed is astounding and far exceeded our hopes. The CultuRecode Project would not exist without the generous and critical input from both Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous team members. The Culture Intuitive kit is for everyone to feel valued and respected and share in each other’s Instinctive Belief System.

The CultuRecode model is a platform for all people who speak out, show up and collaborate impartially to help bring about systemic change.

We stand with this nation’s Traditional Owners to care for country. We acknowledge the significance of their contribution to sustainable practices in the past and look for them to teach us how to respect laws of nature so it can become a benevolent part of the whole community.

We work with community leaders, social movements, Indigenous people, economists, businesses, governments and people everywhere who care for and value the whole web of life and the incredible diversity of life on Earth.

4pillarsmodel ibsemodel

the research

The Four Pillars of the CultuRecode Theory emerged from the analysis of the largest bodies of empirical data in the Social Sciences, gathered in the 20th Century from over 100 countries by Geert Hofstede, Shalom Schwartz and Ronald Inglehart. Additional to the empirical data above is the comparative qualitative research undertaken by the CultuRecode™ team over the last five years that focused on identifying the patterns within cultures relating to the causes of Intercultural miscommunication and disengagement by Indigenous Australians and Australians.

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the big picture

Imagine workplaces, schools and places where all Instinctive ways of both Collective Mindset and Individual Mindset people are acknowledged, accepted and included. Making the invisible, visible.

This is the world we can see. This is the world we want to work with others to help create.

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