The CultuRecode Programs

The CultuRecode™ Programs

Discover why people from another culture do the same thing differently


The Collective Model of Group Survival ™

Programs for workplaces, Aboriginal youth and Aboriginal parents

A workspace that is strong, empowered and safe for all cultures to thrive, uses innovative thinking and vision. Fundamental to work undertaken by any Culturally Intuitive organisation is the commitment to provide programs and deliver services in a way, reflecting the priorities and needs of the community they work within.  The CultuRecode team strive to achieve this vision by providing your staff with engaging scenario-based training, guidance and mentoring to support their well-being and enhance their cultural intuitiveness.

Culturally Intuitive practice explains how Instinctive Belief System (IBS) difference affects the daily collaborations occurring in diverse workplaces today and where this difference comes from. Our training   includes actions which recognise and respect the cultural identities of others, and safely meet their needs, expectations and rights.

Resulting from over six years of workplace experiential research to overcome the cross-cultural communication breakdown occurring in boardrooms and meetings across Australia every day.  The CultuRecode team has the expertise to develop a workplace information and training tool kit that will increase the cultural effectiveness of your organisation.

Employment of Aboriginal people is one of the most powerful ways that business can improve service delivery to Indigenous communities and promote reconciliation. However, incorporating and respecting Aboriginal instinctive ways of working in your everyday practice, is where the most amazing change occurs.

Aboriginal Australians have much to offer the rest of Australia both on the world stage and in each community around this great country. The Cultural Intuitive training program focuses on how Non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians can develop trusting workplace relationships that enable everyone to operate within a collaborative and creative manner that has been missing for many, since colonisation. Our training is framed on the incredible Ancient Model of Cultural Survival.

The aim of the Cultural Intuitive Training (CIT) is to give oraganisations, programs and staff the means, insight and knowledge to overcome collaborative differences at all levels. Cultural Intuitive Training allows people to communicate using critical key words, localised visual tools, communication strategies and presentation needs that are necessary to engage and work together effectively with cultural groups outside of your own. CIT will give your workers the tangible identifiers to know when people from another culture are doing the same thing differently.

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