Miimi (Sister) – Strengthening Aboriginal Female Entrepreneurs

cjmontageCulture IntuitivenessDiscover the ground-breaking steps to creating genuine collaborative work-spaces for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. Learn the astounding benefits of knowing and including not just your own, but each other’s Instinctive ways of working.

The CultuRecode Team of Female Business Experts announce their innovative strength based workshops, to support Aboriginal women to build on or start their road to a successful business career Innovative experiential delivery to include Ancient Aboriginal ways of learning

 Our workshops are based on six years of Sociology Research in an Aboriginal led project with a shared Australia positive approach, and focus on;

Gaining strength by understanding why people from other

Cultures, do the same thing differently

Why I am me? – Understanding your own Instinctive Belief

System to become a clear & effective Cross-Cultural Communicator

Culture Intuitive Tools—Learn to present and succeed within a culture that is not your own

This program is not just another Aboriginal Cultural Awareness program.  It is for all cultures to come together in partnership.  The CultuRecode Project would not exist without the generous and critical input from both Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous team members.  The Culture Intuitive Tool kit is for everyone to feel valued and respected and share in each other’s Instinctive Belief System.

fourblackbevviesOur team have created a raft of real-life everyday scenarios to ascertain what the communication and process difference is between Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous team people. We filmed, observed and took part in multiple scenarios that include meetings, project design work, family events, small business seminars, information sharing, mentoring and co-worker communication.


To address longstanding issues with respect to Aboriginal females’ workplace experiences, relationship building, and communication needs based on the model of the Ancient Collaborative Mutualism.

To achieve sustainable improvement in Aboriginal employment and engagement outcomes of any organisation the CultuRecode Team support

Create a Culturally Intuitive Female workforce;

Train and mentor all levels of staff to recognise, understand and engage in a Culturally Intuitive manner (CIT)

Invest in utilising the sustainable localised visual tools of CIT to support staff to be mindful of their own instinctive cultural bias and the effect it has on their daily interactions

Define collaborative elements and frameworks which create change within individuals and organisations

Enable Cultural Intuitiveness to grow by establishing strategies that promote respect for instinctive ways of working.

Utilise innovative implementation approaches, tools and monitoring systems which produce meaningful change




Half or full day sessions available—$200 per person min 10 (Plus travel expenses)

Contact our amazing team today to book your Miimi workshop—Nola—0413281980/nola@culturecodesv.com