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AIKFSS members play a special role in creating CultuRecode™ Shared Value communities

As a member of the Ancient Indigenous Knowledge for Sustainable Solutions (AIKFSS), you are an important voice and advocate to create outcome based Shared Value communities across Australia and around the world. Outcome based principles—Shared Values belief systems—combine an emphasis on freedom of choice and equality of opportunities. Thus, as a foundation involve priorities for lifestyle, gender and cultural equality.

Shared values belief systems change people’s life strategy from an emphasis on securing a decent subsistence level to enhancing human agency. As the shift from subsistence to agency affects entire societies, the overall level of subjective well-being rises.

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The AIKFSS Network believe by increasing network reach and diversity enhances the likelihood of including parties possessing the knowledge, skills, contacts and resources needed for optimal group performance who see the need to maximise well-being for all, rather than continue the unsustainable path of trading off social and environmental needs for economic growth.

To join and represent the AIKFSS Network, an individual must voluntarily agree to:

  • Operate responsibly, in alignment with the Ancient Indigenous Circle of Life and the United Nations Global Goals for sustainable Development
  • Take actions that support the vision of AIKFSS
  • Commit to the effort of the network, advocating for Ancient Indigenous knowledge to be the foundation for engagement and outcome based collaboration
  • Support the AIKFSS Network’s core principle underpinning the SDGs “no one is left behind”: the goals and targets are to be met for all income and social groups, particularly disadvantaged groups.

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